Join us to hear Dr. Lawler present at the

Union League Club of Chicago on

January 24th at 5 pm!

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Periodically our doctor, Dr. Robert Lawler, will be sharing some of his notes on topics for you! They will be shared here on our website as well on our Facebook Page. Enjoy!

First topic: Dysmenorrhea by Dr. Robert C. Lawler, M.D.

What is it?
Dysmenorrhea is the presenc...

Enjoy these pictures from the Commissioning Mass, August 16th, 2014, for the launch of a new year for Respect life in the Archdiocese of Chicago!  Our very own Dr. Robert Lawler was a guest speaker!


Congratulations Dr. Lawler recognized as August 2014 Doctors of the Month by Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital!

Fun Fact!


American babies are most likely to be born in August and on Tuesdays, least likely in November and on Sundays.


Although life expectancy has increased, the average menopause age remains 51. Hot flashes affect 75 percent of women during perimenopause, the period before menopause, which lasts for about four years. Let our doctors help ease the transition for you! Call today for an...






























Leaving a footprint already!

Our doctors specialize in the complexities that come with being a woman at each and every stage of life. Becoming a mother, is one of those unique stages that brings with it all kinds of emotions, fears and ...anxieties. Let our doctors br...

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