Graceful Motherhood in a Chaotic Home

Dr. Lawler's wife, Paula, has written "Graceful Motherhood in a Chaotic Home."

It was inspired to be written to share practical tips of balancing being a wife and mother of a large family. Over the years, Paula has been confronted many times with the question, “How do you manage all those kids?” Read and see how she has learned along the way that it doesn’t matter if you have one child or a dozen children; what is needed in our lives of being a mother is balance.

Read and see how to prioritize the family calendar with putting God first, husband second and children third. Hopefully you can gain at least one pearl while reading.Paula Lawler is a wife and mother of eleven children. She is madly in love with her husband Robert. They are raising their children in the Chicago area.

Purchase Paula's new book HERE!

Check out Paula's website HERE!

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